Solar monitoring systems are basically systems which help in making the users aware of the performance of the photovoltaic system which is being used. This is of a great help in identifying the potential of the photovoltaic system. At the same time, it also helps to find out the loopholes of the system and what appropriate measures should be taken in order to make the system more efficient as well as effective.

The solar monitoring systems offer a detailed information about the consumption and generation of energy. Additionally, it helps in optimising the usage of energy and help in analysis of the damage caused to the solar systems that are being used. It is actually very important to monitor the solar systems without which it might be extremely difficult to figure out that whether the solar systems you are using is operating at their best or not.

Global Solar is a trusted and reliable name in the field of solar monitoring systems. Users from all over the world seek the support of Global Solar when it comes to the solar monitoring systems. The monitoring systems so designed by Global Solar is of the highest standards which does not allow any of the users to get even a single chance to complain.

The Working

The solar monitoring systems operate through the inverter of the solar system which is being used. Global Solar offers solar inverters which come with a monitoring software setup. As and when the solar inverter converts the DC current into AC current for being used, a detailed information is either displayed on the LCD screen of the monitoring systems or send to the cloud based monitoring systems. The information so send or displayed on the screen gives a clear idea about the several performance parameters designed to judge the efficient and effectivity of the solar system. The users can monitor the systems in two ways in this regard.

  • Local monitoring
  • In this monitoring system, the display on the LCD is studied in order to get the necessary details about the solar system that is required for analysing the systems appropriately.

  • Remote Monitoring
  • As can be understood from the name, this system of monitoring is done remotely irrespective of the location. This is connected with the help of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In case of longer distances, the cloud based software storage can be accessed with the help of internet.

So, for any kinds of solar monitoring systems you are looking forward to, Global Solar would be the idea choice.