Solar Solutions for Cold Storage – Ideal for Horticulture Products

Cold storage as indicated by the name is a storage area or space where some of the perishable products especially the horticulture products are stored at low temperatures. This is done to make sure that the items are kept fresh for longer duration of time. There are two major benefits of the cold storage solutions.

  1. Helps in the overall improvement of storage quality
  2. Amount of wastage of products are readily reduced since the shelf life of the products is increased to a great extent

Now, the cold storage requires a good amount of electricity to operate properly which increases the cost of the products thereby bringing about a decrease in the sales. Now, to prevent this from occurring, a shift to the solar powered cold storage is a much more feasible solution. Therefore, solar solutions for cold storage is perfectly suitable in this regard.

Global Solar, a market leader in dealing with solar powered product offers the top quality solar solutions for cold storage. The solar powered cold storage system is actually powered by a solar photovoltaic cell with a battery backup. The cold storage system is fitted with A vapour compression refrigeration system is fitted in the sold storage system along with a humidifier. In an addition to this, temperature controller and a relative humidity controller is fitted for maintaining the desired room temperature.

Advantages of Solar Powered Cold Storage

The energy required for a solar powered cold storage is met from the solar photovoltaic power plant and hence the electricity bill’s cost is saved. Thus, it is a much more cost effective solution. Moreover, these cold storages can be installed conveniently in remote and rural areas where the power supply is erratic. Finally, the maintenance of the system is very less which adds up to the benefits.