Traffic Lighting with Solar Power

With the aim of a better environment and a cost saving operation, the solar powered traffic lights have become the recent trend. In the recent times, it has been observed that in a lot of countries, the solar traffic lights are being readily used. This is not only beneficial for the environment but also great for saving a lot of money on the electricity costs as well. Global Solar, a company based in Netherlands is one of the top players in the field of manufacturing of solar traffic lighting system. Though the company is based in Netherlands, the services are available globally.

Solar powered traffic lights are basically traffic signalling devices which are powered by solar panels that are specifically positioned at the intersections of the roads, pedestrian crossings and at other locations for the proper controlling of the flow of traffic.

Top Features to Know

The solar traffic lighting system from Global Solar comes with a number of solid features which is the main reason as to why it one of the most trusted name in the particular field.

  • The solar traffic lights make use of LED lamps which is why they are more reliable in nature
  • These lamps are more energy efficient, thereby extremely beneficial as compared to other sources
  • The traffic lighting has a longer life span as compared to the others which is another reason of their preference
  • The operation is extremely easy and convenient. In an addition to this, the solar traffic lights turn on and off very quickly
  • These solar traffic lights from Global Solar come with appropriate enclosures in the which the batteries and control panel are properly housed

The setting up of these traffic lights is very easy and requires almost no maintenance which makes the lighting even more beneficial. So, to get a detailed idea about the solar traffic lights and its working contact Global Solar.