Solar Powered Billboard – Cut Down on Your Advertising Costs

If you are shop owner or a business owner, then you would be quite familiar with the term billboard. Moreover, you might already be using a billboard for the purpose of marketing of your products or services. The billboards come extremely handy in terms of advertising your shop or business which attracts customers thereby resulting in the growth and development of your business. The operating of these billboards use a lot of electricity and you might be thinking as to how cut down on the electricity cost. It would not be a very good idea to give up the billboards for saving on the electricity costs. This is the exact situation where the solar powered billboards come to the rescue of the business owners.

You might be getting a lot of options at the time of choosing a solar powered billboard manufacturer. But if you want go with a brand and a premium quality product, Global Solar would be the ideal solution in this regard. Global Solar is a company based out of Netherlands but offers services throughout the world. So, the geographic location would not matter when you are looking forward to world class solar powered billboards.

What’s Included?

The solar powered billboard from Global Solar includes all the necessary items and fixtures for the billboard to function optimally. The list given below gives a clear idea about what all is included.

  • A solar panel array
  • Vented aluminium panel pan with full cover which is optional and depends on the users
  • Rear channel bracket for mounting that is properly welded
  • Aluminium battery console with vents along with sealed GEL batteries
  • All the required control electronics
  • Aluminium power bracket properly welded for attaching to a pole or wall

Thus, you get all the necessary components to make the solar powered billboard functional when you place an order to Global Solar.