Solar Water Heating Systems – An Energy Efficient One

Solar water heating systems involves the conversion of energy of sunlight into heat energy for the purpose of heating of water with the help of the use of a solar thermal collector. There are actually a variety of different configurations available for providing efficient and effective solar water heating solutions in different climates as well as different latitudes. So, if you are looking forward to the ideal water heating systems at a pocket friendly price, then Global Solar would be the ideal choice in this regard.

Most importantly, Global Solar offers the most appropriate solar water heating systems for residential as well as industrial purposes. This is the main reason as to why Global Solar is the most sought after name throughout the world when it comes to solar water heating systems. Global Solar is a company based out of Netherlands but it offers services globally and hence customers from any part of the world can contact the company for getting the desired services which they are looking forward to.

Types of Solar Water Heating Systems and Their Working

Global Solar manufacturers solar water heating systems in a variety of designs which includes a collector and a tank for storage of water. All the designs work on the main principle of using the thermal energy of the sun for heating water. The water heating systems so manufactured are differentiated on the basis of the type of collector used and the circulation system.

Types of Collectors

  • Batch collectors also referred to as integrated collector storage systems where the water is heated in dark tanks or pipes which are within an insulated box.
  • Flat plate collectors involve fitting of copper tubes to flat absorber plates and the total assembly lies in an insulated box.
  • Evacuated tube collectors are the most efficient one available whose working is similar to a thermos in principle.

Types of Circulation Systems

  • Forced or active circulation make use of electric pumps valves and controllers for the purpose of moving water to the storage tank from the collectors.
  • Passive systems use natural convection for moving water to the storage tank from the collectors as it is heated up..
So, do not waste any more time and contact Global Solar for fulfilling all your solar water heating systems needs.