Solar Lighting Applications in Security and Street Lights

As we see more and more individuals and organizations investing in solar lighting and a growing trend amongst people to opt for eco-friendly commodities, the solar panels industry holds a great future for the commercial energy.

One of the important applications of solar panels is being utilized in the form of street lighting. A solar street light is a raised structure which bears solar panels that transform solar energy into usable electricity. A solar street light has the potential of generating brightness that is 30-40% more than a regular street light and battery storage helps it produce light even in the absence of a sun. The built-in battery and inverters make the installation and maintenance process sufficiently easy. The additional benefits come in the form of energy-cost savings and fulfilment of responsibility towards the environment.

Capable of both indoor and outdoor use, they are slowly revolutionizing the market. Also, since they do not require access to any traditional equipment or grids, they can be set up in the remotest locations, bringing light to farthest corners of the world.

Another market that solar energy is slowly venturing into is security services. The solar security lights make it easy for the households to install them anywhere without going through the hassle of instating additional wires and equipment for all a solar security system predominantly needs is a solar panel with access to sunlight. In the solar-powered security market, the customers employ a variety of options, some of which are, Outdoor sensor lights and Motion-activated security spotlights.